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Flagpole DisassemblySandblasting and WeldingReassembly of the Flagpole

construction of pole

Postcard showing the 1893 construction of the flagpole.


1895 view of Main Street with the new flagpole in its original location in Main Street which is unpaved. The display of numerous flags suggests this may have been the 4th of July or another holiday.


1905 view of Downtown Ravenna. The original, octagonal, ornamental iron fence that protected the flagpole from horses and carts in the street is clearly visible.


Close-up of the octagonal, ornamental iron fence that appears in the above picture.


1905 Postcard view looking down Main Street towards Public Square to the west. The flagpole appears to be it original bright white color.


1909 rooftop view of Ravenna Old Home Week Celebration, August 1909. Crowds throng Main Street to watch the parade. Streamers and lights are strung from the flagpole to adjacent buildings. Main Street has new trolley tracks and brick paving. A Red Cross tent is at the foot of the flagpole to assist people overcome by the heat.

Old Home week

Another 1909 rooftop view of Ravenna Old Home Week Celebration, August 1909. The next picture is a close-up of this picture.



1910's Postcard view of Main Street, Public Square with Interurban trolley to Akron.


1911 Panoramic view of Downtown Ravenna. Riddle Block #9 is under construction at left, automobiles, streetcars, and horse and buggies can been seen on Main Street. Flagpole sits at the center of the community.


1915 Postcard view looking west on Main Street with Interurban to Akron. The flagpole has been graphically shortened to fit on the postcard and the flag enlarged for effect.


1920's view of Flagpole and Riddle Block #1 just prior to moving flagpole. The flag may be at half-mast for the death of President Harding (an Ohioan) who died in summer 1923.


1930's Postcard view showing flagpole in its new location. Flagpole has been graphically shortened in this photo to fit it onto postcard. Flagpole now sits in its current location on the sidewalk, out of the street right-of-way.


1930's View looking east on Main Street. Trolley tracks and a new traffic signal light is seen at the corner of Main and Chestnut Sts.


1935 A very popular postcard view of downtown Ravenna. Colorized and cleaned up (no telephone poles or traffic signals, and flagpole is graphically shortened to fit postcard).


1940's Dramatic lighting highlights this early morning professional photograph of the ornamental 1882 Portage County Court House and the 1893 flagpole. Behind the Court House the original 1830 Court House is just visible.


1941 view of a bustling downtown Ravenna with the flagpole in the very center of the community. This may have been around Christmas as there is snow on the ground at right. Parking was at a premium and sidewalks were filled with shoppers.


1950 A color view of downtown Ravenna. Civil Defense speakers from WWII are visible on the flagpole and a popcorn stand can be seen on the street corner at the right.