Friends of the Flagpole Association is a community-based organization established to preserve the historic Ravenna Flagpole and to develop a plan for its long-term maintenance.

The Association shall utilize community volunteers to head three sub-Committees to address specific issues dealing with the preservation of the structure.

Subcommittee #1 --- Public Outreach and Publicity - Community Support for the Flag Pole.

The flagpole is not just an object of local nostalgia. It is a unique structure of more thanlocal significance. The flagpole is most likely the tallest freestanding flagpole in the state of Ohio, and certainly the only one of its type, being a decorative, 19th century structure. It is actually not just a flagpole, but a flagpole poised on top of a dramatic iron display tower. This "double-barreled" approach to the structure magnifies the symbolic importance to the display of the flag.

This subcommittee will organize a fund-raising effort and will work with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office on

creating a financial structure and plan to maintain it. This subcommittee’s goals are:

• Develop a program to garner community support for preserving the pole.

• Identify possible community funding and finance sources.

• Develop and Maintain the Website: - RavennaFlagpole.org

Subcommittee #2 --- Historic Fabric, Design and Engineering

This subcommittee will review the engineering audit completed last year and be responsible for the following goals:

• Design and implement a system to provide a security perimeter around the flagpole.
• Development of a plan to address the long-term preservation and maintenance of the flagpole within the available budget.

• Identify important structural issues to be addressed.

Subcommittee #3 --- Stewardship - Development of a Plan for long-term Stewardship of the Pole

This subcommittee’s goals are :

• Responsibility - outline current lines of responsibility and control of the flagpole.

• Create a long-term stewardship structure that is feasible and sustainable.


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