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Flagpole DisassemblySandblasting and WeldingReassembly of the Flagpole


View of the 150-foot tall, 1893 Ravenna flagpole looking west on Main Street. The 1888 Riddle Block #1 is on the left, the 1854 Etna House Hotel (with cupola) is on the right.


A more distant view of the Ravenna flagpole showing three historic Riddle Blocks, #2 (red brick) #8 (stone front) and #1 (orange brick with dormers).

flagpole and Riddle Block 1

Looking east on Main Street. Light fixtures about half way up the flagpole were installed about 25 years ago so the flag could be flown 24 hours a day.


Looking east on Main Street from about one-half mile away. The center of Downtown Ravenna sits on a rise about 1,125 feet above sea level, which also marks a "continental divide" between the Great Lakes watershed (to the northwest) and the Gulf of Mexico watershed (to the southeast). The ball at the top of the flagpole sits 1,275 above sea level.


Looking west toward downtown Ravenna and the flagpole.


Panorama of Downtown Ravenna from the City Park in front of the Court House, showing the historic Etna House at left, yellow brick Riddle Block #9, and Riddle Block #1 in shadow at right.


The 1893 flagpole and Riddle Block #9 built in 1911 in the background.


Detail of the base of the 1893 flagpole showing the heavy masonry counterweight, the fully riveted steel construction with gussets, and the outrigger support legs.

in parade

September 15th, 2012, the Friends of the Flagpole Association proudly participated in the 34th year of the Balloon A-Fair Festival in Ravenna, Ohio. Here committee members carry a banner in front of a truck carrying at 1/10 replica of the Ravenna flagpole.

driving by the flagpole

The Friends of the Flagpole Association vehicle drives by the Ravenna flagpole. The truck is blocking the view of the association's booth that you can see in the next picture.


After the parade hundreds of people walked through the Friends of the Flagpole booth looking at pictures that explained some of the history and significance of the flagpole.

soliciting signatories

Outside the booth Friends of the Flagpole volunteers asked people walking by if they would sign a petition to show their support of the flagpole. By the end of the day over 1,000 people had signed the petition.

All pictures by Tom Riddle except 9 and 10, pictures of the parade,
which were taken by Wanna Kunsun.