The Restoration:

Reassembly of the Flagpole


Pole comes down video

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On this website, you will find information on the Ravenna flagpole’s history and significance, pictures taken throughout its 121 year history, videos about the flagpole, and ways you can assist in the preservation of the Ravenna flagpole. You can also find out how to order the ever-popular Ravenna Record.


July 4th, 2015

The Ravenna Flagpole was illuminated!

The flag is always bathed in white light from sunset to sunrise.

Using a system of computer controlled LED lights the lattice structure is illuminated in a changing rainbow of colors programed to celebrate national holidays, memorials, and local observances. The colored lights operate from sunset to 2:00AM with a special display one-hour after sunset every day.



In July a two-sided historic marker was installed next to the flagpole. It describes the structure; it’s history, and its restoration by Friends of the Flagpole.


October 22, 2014:The Ravenna Flagpole was reassembled.



This time-lapse compresses the 7-hour reassembly into 4 minutes.



July 29, 2014: The Ravenna Flagpole was carefully disassembled and removed for its complete restoration.


This time-lapse compresses the entire eight-hour disassembly into 3 minutes.



Professor Robert Bruegmann speaks on the history and national significance of the historic 150 foot tall 1893 Ravenna Ohio Flagpole.







The 1893 flagpole in 2013.