Check back here for updates. If the weather causes us to postpone the disassembly, we will post that here.
Later we hope to produce a time-lapse video of the disassembly and the re-assembly. Ravenna is on a roll!


In the meantime, why not spend 43 seconds flying up to the top of the pole with Woody Guthrie?

drone vy

And have a look at some pictures that show how Ravenna looks from the top of the Flagpole.

Flagpole view of Ravenna


July 23, 2014: Friends of the Flagpole Association is happy to announce that through your efforts, restoration work will commence on the historic Ravenna flagpole situated in downtown Ravenna, Ohio in front of the Portage County Courthouse.

You are invited to watch the first stage of this work.

The work will begin (weather permitting) on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, at 7 am when the 150' flagpole will be disassembled and trucked to a local sandblasting firm.

The flagpole will come down the same way it went up over 120 years ago – in sections. The pole and tower will be sandblasted and then prepped with a special coating used in the aerospace industry and known for its strength and endurance. Dismantling the iconic structure will take around 8 hours.

Vehicular traffic on Main Street near the Courthouse will be restricted. South Chestnut Street will be closed to vehicular traffic from Main Street to Spruce Street.

The bottom ten feet of the structure will be prepped in place and a new concrete base, lighting, and an ornamental fence will be erected. The ornamental fence is a replica of the original fence that enclosed the flagpole when it was first built in 1893.

All the work, including reassembly is expected to be completed before Ravenna’s annual Balloon-A-Fair, held the third weekend of September.

The City of Ravenna will provide free, all-day parking at the City parking lot at the corner of Cedar and Meridian Streets to those who wish to watch the flagpole disassembled that day.


Friends of the Flagpole would not have been successful without your contributions. We appreciate your help, encouragement, and financial support in this endeavor. We hope the flagpole will serve to galvanize the community in future efforts to restore and preserve Ravenna’s historic landmarks and homes.

Our deepest appreciation,

Friends of the Flagpole Association



Professor Robert Bruegmann speaks on the history and national significance of the historic 150 foot tall 1893 Ravenna Ohio Flagpole.


On this website, you will find information on the flagpole’s history and significance, pictures taken throughout its 119 year history and ways you can assist in the preservation of the Ravenna flagpole. You can also find out how to order the ever-popular Ravenna Record.